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Sakura initially started in 1921 as a crayon company later expanding into art materials with its invention of oil pastels in 1924.  The company's strong culture of technological innovation led to the invention of a specialized ink technology, Pigma® ink, which is used in Micron®, Graphic and Brush pens among others.  The breakthrough in pigment ink technology came when Sakura lab scientists discovered how to reduce the pigment particles to submicron size so that the inks flow evenly through even the narrowest of pen nibs. Today, Pigma ink continues to be the most reliable archival quality ink on the market and is loyally used by architects, calligraphers, scientists and artists due it's greater permanence, fade resistance and lightfastness.  To learn more about Sakura's complete line of art material products, please visit www.sakuraofamerica.com

Sakura originally invented Solid Marker in the 1970s specifically to meet the European shipbuilding industry’s need for a hardy yet effective marker for marking carbon steel plate.  Solid Marker was so successful that it subsequently spawned a new category of paint marker: the semi-hardened, solidified paint marker.  With extensive research and product development, Sakura has expanded its product offering for a full line of industrial marking solutions that services many industries including metal fabrication, welding, HVAC, highway construction, aerospace, plumbing, automotive assembly, petrochemical, shipping and electronics.

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