Where can I purchase your markers?

Our markers are available from a network of approved Sakura distributors and resellers.  A complete list is available on the Distributor list or here


May I purchase from your company directly?

Being the manufacturer, our products are sold only through our distributors and reseller partners.


Our company is interested in becoming an authorized reseller, how / where do we start?

Kindly contact our office directly by email at sales@sakuraofamerica.com, via this website’s ‘Distributor's’ tab or by phone at 800.776.6257.  We’ll be happy to discuss your plans, assess your needs, then initiate the process of setting you up as a reseller.


What is the shelf life of your markers?

The shelf life on all our industrial markers is 2 years. We warranty our markers to be fully functional and defect free within this period so long as they kept in a reasonably stable environment—dry with no extreme swings in ambient temperatures, and away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Please note that product shelf life is not the same as product life. Nor does it imply the marker will not work beyond the shelf life period. Our offered shelf life is simply a conservative period of guaranteed peak performance. Through nearly four decades of its existence, the Solid Marker® has shown to remain viable and functional well beyond 2 years.


How can I maintain a sharp tip / narrow mark diameter on the Solid Marker?

Brand new, the Solid Marker’s marking line diameter (wide line) is approximately 3mm due to its factory formed cone shape.  As the marker is used, the cone tip naturally starts to flatten eventually widening to its native diameter of 13mm (1/2”) on the ‘Original’ model or 10mm (5/16”) on the “Slim’ model.  The cone shape evolving into a cylinder shape.  The product was designed to mark at these wide lines.  If these diameters are wider than desired or you need narrower marks, this may be attained by employing any of the following methods:  

  •       Sharpen as desired the paint material with a blade or knife.  
  •       When marking, hold the marker at an angle where only the edge of the flattened paint material (cylinder) contacts the surface being marked.  While results vary, one could attain marks as narrow as 3mm using this technique.
  •       Another method involves alternating between using the tip and the sides of the cone to mark This technique may require a little practice at first, but once proficient, serves to maintain the material’s cone shape which makes for finer marking.


Can the Solid Marker mark be removed?

Yes, on smooth, non-porous surfaces, easily with an alcohol-based solvent and a rag for wiping.  On porous surfaces, and depending on its type, a rough, abrasive scrub and/or a firm brush will be required, and even then the mark may not come off completely.


Should the Solid Marker be recapped after use?

Yes. In general, recapping after use is required of all markers particularly liquid ones as exposure to air dries paint and will harden the tip compromising functionality.  And though the Solid Marker, being solidified paint, is significantly more resistant to drying, it should not be left uncapped for any extended period as paint will eventually dry up.  Recapping after use preserves the paint material ensuring it remains fresh and always ready for its next use.  One of the Solid Marker’s exceptional features is its special formulation that maintains the paint material at just the right consistency of solidity – neither too soft nor too hard.  Recapping after use preserves this ideal consistency. Couple this with proper storage and Solid Marker remains viable for a very long time.


Does the Solid Marker have a low halogen/ chloride version for use in applications that demand it?

Yes, our Low Halogen & Chloride version (XSCLH) are formulated and independently lab certified to have exceedingly low levels of halogens (Br, Cl, F, I) and chlorides making them safe for use on stainless steel and other alloy metals. Lab test reports detailing content levels in ppm are available upon request.


Is the Solid Marker available in a low temperature version for use in freezing or subfreezing environments?

Yes, our Low Temperature (LT & LTS) version is formulated for cold temperature environments – rated to perform to as low as -40* F (-40*C).