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Originally developed in the 1970s to meet the shipbuilding industry’s need for marking steel plates, Solid Marker is used today in varied marking applications across broad segments of the Maritime Industry. Solid Marker is used by America’s leading military shipbuilders as well as commercial shipyards, recreational boat manufacturers, marine product manufacturers, workboat operators, harbor operators, and others. 

Solid Marker is the favored marking tool due to the exceptional permanency of its paint, water resistance to even saltwater, its fade resistance, and ability to mark on wet surfaces. Marine inspectors, for example, value the Solid Marker’s permanency above all else for marking designating defects or damages on a ship that need to withstand the rigors of the marine environment so they remain visible at the time of repair. Buoys left out to sea by fisherman or marine researchers also benefit tremendously from the paint’s permanency when marks need to still be there six weeks, six months, or six years later when recovered. For the sheer durability of its paint formulation, the Solid Marker stands apart from the rest.