The tough marker for tough jobs, the Solid Marker is solidified paint in marker form. It marks a variety of materials or surfaces – smooth or rough, dry or wet, through rust or dust, indoors or outdoors. Marks are fast-drying (typically 5 to 7 minutes), highly permanent, fade resistant, water resistant, and impervious to weather. With an effective working temperature range of between 14°F to 392°F (-10°C – 200°C), it meets the demands of hot or cold marking applications and environments. Its twist-up knob easily advances more paint and allows the entire volume of paint material to be used with no waste. Ideal for a wide range of commercial and industrial marking applications including wood, cloth and canvas, plastic, steel and iron, rubber, cardboard, glass, fiberglass and concrete.

Solid Marker was developed in the 1970s specifically to meet the shipbuilding industry’s need for a hardy yet effective marker for marking carbon steel plates. It was so successful that it spawned a new category of paint marker: the semi-hardened, solidified paint  marker. Solid Marker has a special formulation of solidified, real paint in crayon form encased in a durable plastic, twist-action barrel. It delivers industrial-strength paint of the highest permanency while being free of toxic chemicals usually found in these types of markers.

Solid Marker is fail-proof in its reliability because it avoids the mess and dripping commonplace to liquid paint and doesn’t have a fiber nib that may clog or wear off when used on rough or dirty surfaces. It requires no shaking, pumping, or priming to start making it always ready to go.  It will mark upside down, sideways, even underwater! 


11 colors: 8 regular and 3 fluorescents. The fluorescent colors glow under UV light offering higher visibility particularly in low light conditions. *The fluorescent colors work best indoors as the fluorescent pigments are not color fast when exposed to sunlight.

Two diameters: O-Original at 13mm (1/2”) or OS-Original Slim at 10mm (5/16”). SDS sheets are available upon request. Independent laboratory test results are also available upon request on our Low Chloride/Halogen marker models.


  • Handy applicator marks smoothly from the first stroke
  • Dries permanent
  • Waterproof and fade resistant*
  • Marks almost any surface
  • No mess and no dripping
  • Works on wide variety of surfaces which include, but are not limited to:Steel and Metals, Concrete and Masonry, Glass, Wood, Rubber, Plastic, Cardboard and Paper, Fiberglass, Cloth and Canvas, Plexiglas
 Stock No.  SOLID MARKER Description  Shelf Pack  Case Pack  Color
 XSC-50  WHITE  12  432
 XSC-49  BLACK  12  432
 XSC-36  BLUE  12  432
 XSC-19  RED  12  432
 XSC-29  GREEN  12  432
 XSC-24  PURPLE  12  432
 XSC-5  ORANGE  12  432
 XSC-3  YELLOW  12  432
 46580  BLISTER CARD, WHITE  6  72  
 46581  BLISTER CARD, BLACK  6  72  
 46582  BLISTER CARD, BLUE  6  72  
 46583  BLISTER CARD, RED  6  72  
 46584  BLISTER CARD, GREEN  6  72  
 46586  BLISTER CARD, PURPLE  6  72  
 46587  BLISTER CARD, ORANGE  6  72  
 46588  BLISTER CARD, YELLOW  6  72  

PREVENT GRAFFITI ! This product is intended for industrial and commercial purposes only. Defacing public or private property is illegal under state and local laws and possession of such products is similarly illegal for minors. Acceptance of this product for distribution and sale acknowledges your company’s responsibility in distributing and reselling this product for legal purposes only and restricts the sale to minors under eighteen years of age, where State and local laws apply.