A stick of solidified real paint in crayon form capable of marking virtually any material or surface, Solid Marker meets the demanding and varied marking needs of steel service centers.  Solid Marker marks rough and rusty carbon steel exceedingly well and is just as effective on any smooth steel or metal alloy.  For stainless steel, the low chloride version of Solid Markers satisfies industry’s stringent corrosion-resistance demands. Its bold, bright, highly permanent marks dry quickly making it ideal for notating dimensions, marking lot numbers, destinations, or any other identifier for a variety of different crude or finished steel products.  The Solid Marker is practically fail proof as it is devoid of a nib that can clog or wear off.  In contrast to traditional liquid markers that frequently dry out, often too quickly, the Solid Marker’s solidified state makes it highly resistant to drying out.  Recapped after use and stored in a stable environment, its paint remains fresh for years.  The Solid Marker is quick and convenient as it is not valve-actuated, as most liquid markers are, so it requires no shaking, pumping, or priming to start.  With a wide operating temperature range of between 14° to 392°F (-10° to 200°C), it’s easy to see why the use of Solid Marker is on the rise with steel processors.